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Motherland Quality Bata Drums                              The heartbeat: a powerful force

Traditional drums made and played in Yoruba part of Nigeria. the bata ensemble consists of three drums, the two larger drums; iya ilu bata, and omele abo bata are double headed, each end is played and produces a unique tone. The smallest drum is called omele ako, this is a group of three small differently pitched drums tied together and played by a single player.

Bata drums are made from a solid wood log from the oma tree. The drum’s shells are hand-carved and assembled in traditional fashion. The drums are assembled with no metal parts, the playing heads are goat skin, the tension straps are durable cowhide. A natural substance mixture called ida, is applied to some of the heads to lower and fine tune their pitch. It. These drums have been in the Yoruba culture for a long time and continue to play a significant role in various religious and social events.

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