Doundoun Bells

Doundoun Bells


  • made from recycled materials
  • great clangy sound
  • metal striker included
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The open sided metal doundoun bell has a ringy-dingy clanky-clangy sound. This works well with the West African doundoun ensemble, it elevates and drives forward the music’s feeling. Like many West African products these bells are made “green” from select recycled motor housings, iron pipe, and any metal that is musically friendly. Feel good about the great sound these “green” bells produce!

We offer a few different styles varying from flat to round shaped. The flat ones have either a curved edge side or a completely open side. The round bells can be slightly cone shaped or a straight cylinder shape. All bells come with a striker.

Traditionally doundoun bells are either tied to and rest on the top of a horizontally positioned drum and are struck with a metal rod. The ringy-dingy jeli doundoun or Khassonke bell is held suspended from a finger and struck with a metal thumb ring. Generally the flat open sided bells have a faster, less sustained sound, compared to a more closed shape bell.

Our stock varies, if you don’t see one type as being available then we should have one or more of the other types.

Ding Dang Dong, this is the voice of a doundoun bell set. When a set is purchased we will make sure they are nicely tuned to a pitched range of sound, if you purchase them singularly they will be within a range for that size bell.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 9 in

Held and struck, One stick, One Stick, typical


Ivory Coast, Mali



Clangy, Ringy