Cuban Clave


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  • the ultimate percussion sticks
  • direct from Cuba
  • two types


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These are among the most-ancient of musical instruments, simply being a pair of short heavy hardwood sticks struck together using techniques and simple rhythms that have been evolved by traditions and players in Africa and especially Cuba, where it is practically revered as the percussive ‘metronone’ of tropical Latin music called son (which rhymes with “tone”) and its more modern descendents rumba, mambo, salsa, etc. Our claves (in Spanish “clave” means key) are made in Cuba of what is regarded as one of the densest hardwoods: Lignum Vitae. This wood gives the claves a powerful resonance and also happens to be an attractive dark brown-marbled-with-blond wood.

We offer two styles: low-pitch (the struck piece is hollow) and high-pitch (both are solid wood), both types are made in Cuba. The low-pitch or rumba clave offers more latitude for sonic expression, and for either type, the resting hand playing position is critical. When you hold the claves just right and strike down onto the resting clave, they should punctuate a sharply clear specific steady rhythm (so other drummers and dancers can lock into your groove).


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