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Motherland Music

Encourages living in Rhythm & Art

WELCOME – Thank you for visiting us!

We specialize in :

  • African Drums- sales & supplies
  • Custom Drum Making
  • Drum Repairs and Maintenance
  • Drumming Instruction and Performance

We have been in the Los Angeles community providing our services since 1992. We appreciate our community’s interest and support, it is a blessing to grow, share, and build a positive spirit through the drum and power of rhythm. .

There continues to be a world wide embracing of the health and educational benefits that African drumming can create. We support and promote this movement and hope we can facilitate to you a connection that makes our planet a better place.

What We Do – How We Do It

motherland djembe
dj11ml 1000×750
tall conga 1000×750
motherland congas may2015 1000×750
motherland congas 1000×667
drums ic 750×1000
keg drum 1000×750
picking up drum repair 1000×750
doun-ic 1000×750
poplar wood duns 1000×750
MLM duns
ngoma, ashiko shells 1000×750
motherland shells 1000×667
sizing it up 1000×750
tall drum 900×1200
doundoun shells 1000×668
bottom ring knots 1000×750
MLM congas 1000×750
cote weaver
masamba & amadou
flower pot 1000×660
showroom 1000×750
MLM sign 100×750
drum & dance
young drummer
brazilian_class 1000×667
drum work 1000×750
fix drum skin
drum work, tire base
drum roping work
djembe repair 3-ring 100×750
Slide background
bar edge gringing 1000×750
Motherland djembes
sakara drummer
pape diouf 300×370
Motherland Drummers
flower pot 1000×660
zaouli dance
masamba & amadou
dramane kone 900kb
cote drummers 1000×750
Awe 450
bronze art 1000×750
leah art
udama art
art and accessories 1000×750
khende mask
ghana bead mask
motherland mud-cloth 1200×800
mud cloth3
business card 11-14
banner logo dbl green gradient 640×320
mask carving 1000×750
dj13ic inside the bowl 1000×750
kid drumming 1000×750
motherland seed percussion 600×800
motherland store gourd shakers 600X800
price 600×450

Meet Our Drumming Instructors

Special Events

Ayo’s 78th Birthday!

August 11 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm