Motherland Quality Drum Repairmaking drums better

Types of Drums We Fix

  • BATA

If you have a drum with a broken skin you are welcome to call us for a quote about fixing it. Motherland Music is a full service workshop with an experienced and knowledgeable staff. We can provide options for repairs or improvements that will work best for your drum and budget. Each job personalize, we will give your drum it’s true and special sound in tune with the music it was made to play. Our customers comment that their drums after we do the work, sound and look substantially better than the original.

For the last two decades we have helped professional musicians and the general enthusiasts make improvements to and maintain their musical instruments and accessories. How can we help you?

Djembe Repairrepairs range from a basic re-skin to a full overhaul

Basic Drum Head Replacement

This service goes beyond the basics, we want to fix any drum well and make it sound great and if all other parts are in good enough condition to allow for this, we will follow through with the procedures listed below

  • Inspect shell and repair any small cracks and air leaks
  • Thoroughly clean the exterior
  • Freshen and protect the shell with oil/wax if needed
  • Professionally install new drum head of your choice using existing parts including : shell, rings and rope
  • Complete work by tuning your drum for best sound per your preference

Custom Lathe Rope InLay

Synthetic Head

Full Custom Overhaul – for the individual who wants their drum to perform at the highest level

The tasks listed below are either standard practices or optional upgrades that we offer.

Shell Work

  • Inspect drum shell for cracks that may affect structural integrity, sound, and aesthetics. Advise customer and fix as agreed
  • Level and shape top and bottom edges for optimum performance
  • Remove and reshape wood inside and outside of shell, if needed
  • Make improvements to out-of-round drum heads
  • Clean shell, oil, wax, or apply clear coat finish as needed

Custom Cradles/Hitches

Triple or Double Cradle/Hitches

Rings – attention to the rings that fasten the head material over the shell is super important for best sound and work-ability of the drum, and comfort playing it.

  • Inspect existing rings, resize and adjust, or replace using best type and sizing for your particular drum
  • Decorate rings with cloth or paint, or leave bare for preferred finished look

Rope Replacement – the ideal rope for djembes is strong, low-stretch, and aesthetically pleasing.

  • We will help you choose the best size and type of rope for your drum
  • Make your drum look special, a choice of colors and color patterns are available

Drum Head – goat, cowhide and synthetic are standard, each have qualities that will  affect the sound and performance of a drum.

  • We will help you choose the type and thickness that best suits your drumming
  • Various heading techniques are available

Tuning – your drum will be professionally tuned and for most drumming enthusiasts little to no tuning will be needed after you receive it.

Extra Stuff –  a comfortable braided hand grip for carrying your drum is standard with all Motherlands drum repairs. Other features we can offer include :

  • Protective rubber base, flat mat or wrap around tire
  • Horizontal rope wrapping of shell for colorful design look
  • Upholstery nails (brass tacks) for cool shiny design patterns

Final inspection

  • Double check drum head for strength and sound quality
  • Check alignment and tightness of rope
  • Fine tune as needed
  • Final quality control inspection